Importante vente de tableaux, mobilier et objets d’art


Drouot Salle 4

Exposition le 03 novembre de 14h à 21h30 et le matin de la vente de 11h à 12h.

Among many interesting ancient paintings, Daguerre will show significative pieces by three important artists seldom representated in public auctions : Jusepe de Ribera (1591-1652), Jacob JORDAENS (1593-1678) et Elisabetta SIRANI (1638-1665).

The study for a man playing horn is an oil on paper (57 x 55 cm), preparing for the main character of the Hunter with his pack (Lille Museum of Fine arts, 1635). Our study is the stage after the drawing of the character’s head, conservated at the Berlin Staatliche Museum, and before the Lille painting. Therefore our unreleased painting is interesting to kwnow this artist better. 

Elisabetta SIRANI is quite well known since the Bologna Museum dedicated an exhibition to her in 2004. Our Berenice (oil on canvas, 55 x 45.5 cm) is signed and dated 1664, just one year before Sirani died at the age of 27. The feminine type of this painting is typical of the artist and very close to the figure of the Allegory of Charity and Prudence (private collection). Our Berenice was discovered in a private French collection, and constitutes a well example of allegoric figure in Bologne between 1650 and 1675.

Stéphane Pinta, expert in Cabinet Turquin