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Jean-Guillaume MOITTE ( 1746 – 1810 )

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Jean-Guillaume MOITTE ( 1746 – 1810 )
Madonna and Child, preparatory work for the Madonna of the Senlis Cathedral.
Initial terracotta.
About 1787.
H. 33 cm

Provenance : – Marché de l’art (art market), Paris 1930.
– Inheritance of the Comte de G.
Jean-Guillaume Moitte was one of the pupil of Jean-Baptiste Pigalle Jean-Baptiste Pigalle and Jean-Baptiste II Lemoyne. First prize of sculpture in 1768, he stayed in Roma from 1771 to 1773, was member of the Académie de Saint-Luc, and then, registered at the Académie Royale de peinture et de sculpture. Although a little eclipsed in the collective memory by the successful career of gis contemporaries Clodion, Pajou et Houdon, nevertheless Moitte remains an important actor in the evolution of the French sculpture of the end of the 18th century. His work, rare and sought-after by the collectors, is a nice compromise, a link between the baroque style ending and the birth of the neoclassicism la naissance.
This work is unpublished. This is a preparatory work for the beautilful Madonna ordered to the artist in the middle of the 1780s to decorate the chancel of the Senlis cathedral. Elegance characteristic of the style of the artist, full of kindness and withholding, this sketch in which we still feel the influence of the Bernin’s art, announces the simplification of the volumes and movements that will characterize the neoclassic style.
Works in touch: Jean-Guillaume Moitte, Madonna and Child, Cathédrale de Senlis.
Jean- Guillaume Moitte, Madonna and Child, terracotta work, London, Victoria and Albert Muséum (inventaire NR.102.B)
Bibliography : Gisela Gramaccini, Jean Guillaume Moitte, Leben und Werk, Akademie Verlag, Berlin 1993 ; tome 1, Pages 34 à 39 et 183 à 187, tome 2, pages 218 à 221.